URL Filtering

URL Filtering provides you with protection from web-borne threats through malicious categories like “malware” and “phishing,” as well as granular, user-based controls over web activity through URL categories and customizable white- and black-lists,

The URL Filtering subscription utilizes PAN-DB, our URL database that automatically categorizes unknown URLs. PAN-DB is constantly updated by WildFire, which means you’re always protected against malicious, high-risk and unwanted websites.


The WildFire cloud-based malware-analysis subscription actively analyzes unknown files and links, including malware, websites, and command and control traffic, and delivers automatically created protections and intelligence back to subscribed customers all over the world for proactive, global prevention.

WildFire protections are created to account for innovative tactics, such as polymorphism, commonly used in advanced attacks. WildFire is also natively integrated with our newest technologies, Traps™, AutoFocus, and Aperture, keeping security across your organization both coordinated and up to date.


GlobalProtect™ mobile security extends the protection of your firewall to endpoints both inside and outside your corporate network, delivering consistent security to users in all locations.

Mobile devices can use GlobalProtect apps for iOS and Android to connect to the corporate firewall, and you can apply the state of the endpoint device as part of the context for security policy, using the Host Information Profile (HIP). GlobalProtect subscriptions can also be deployed internally to protect local and wireless network users.


Palo Alto Networks® AutoFocus™ threat intelligence service reimagines how security teams protect their organizations from unique, targeted attacks. The hosted security service provides the intelligence, analytics and context required to understand which attacks require immediate response, as well as the ability to make indicators actionable and prevent future attacks. AutoFocus further provides the ability to:

  • Prioritize alerts for advanced attacks that require immediate attention.
  • Understand context around attacks, adversaries and campaigns, including targeted industries.
  • Respond proactively to threats and prevent future attacks.

Threat Prevention

The Threat Prevention subscription adds integrated protection against network-borne threats, including exploits, malware, command and control traffic, and a variety of hacking tools, through IPS functionality and stream-based blocking of millions of known malware and malware variation samples.

The Threat Prevention subscription is a key component of our closed-loop detection to prevention approach, receiving protection updates from WildFire™ malware analysis based on our global threat intelligence. When combined with WildFire, protections are updated in as little as 5 minutes, meaning your security is always up-to-date and able to prevent the latest threats.