Unified and Scalable voice network

Flexible deployment options to help consolidate multiple locations with diverse PBXs into a unified, simplified and highly scalable enterprise voice network.

Gain economies optimize your network by converging oice and Data and eliminating internal voice usage fees.

Business continuity

Keep mission critical voice services running with as highly redundant private IP network, Sip fail-over, load balancing and auto route.


Key Features-SIP Trunking


  • Industry Leading SLAs over Private IP Network
  • 4.0 MOS, delay <45ms, jitter < 1ms
  • 99.9% delivery ratio and 99.999% availability.

Business Continuity

  • SIP Failover, Load Balancing, Auto reroute
  • Managed router and network
  • Aggregated call sessions for bursting across locations


  • Lab tested PBX compatibility certifications
  • SIP experts to help design migration path
  • Self Certification options

Service Portfolio

  • E911, Directory Listing, LNP, Toll Free
  • DID (Direct Inward Dial numbers, Caller ID name & number
  • Virtual call forwarding

Single Point of Control Portal

  • Trunk Utilization Monitoring for quality control
  • Trunk Utilization Reports for capacity planning

Key Benefits: SIP Trunking


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