Riding the Wave to the Top: How Technology Can Heighten Your Business

Shift Happens: If you keep up with The Monaco Group on our social media pages, you’ve most likely seen us stamp every picture with this phrase. However, “Shift Happens” is more than just a hashtag to decorate our posts. These two words encompass everything it means to run a business in today’s modern, technology-driven world.

“In technology, if shift is happening, the business is moving at a much more efficient pace. Technology is a part of everyday business. It allows companies to streamline processes and collaborate between organizations. It continually pushes businesses forward.”

Joe Monaco, ceo of the monaco group

In today’s climate, communication technology is to the business industry as the wheel is to the transportation industry. Without it, there is no foundation, management, or profit. Solutions such as SD-WAN, UCaaS, and SIP Trunking are technological tools. Although these acronyms may seem like alphabet soup after a while, they hold the power to revolutionize any CEO’s vision for his or her company.

For the first time in history, ”www.” has the power to do more than an office full of skilled employees. Take the CaseCruncher, for example, a computer-run litigator which was pitched against 100 of London’s skilled lawyers in deciphering a case. Not only was the program able to complete the case with more efficiency, but it had an accuracy rating of 86.6%, compared to 66.3% for the human lawyers. This is the prime example of technology taking the reins, and not in a Black Mirror kind of way. Modern communication innovations are elevating companies to a new level of capability.

Modern innovations have proved that “technology” is synonymous with “efficiency.” If you’ve ever worked with UCaaS, you know that businesses can benefit immensely from having messaging, email, conferencing, calendar organization, and file sharing all tied into one seat. By giving business owners the power to mobilize their employees, UCaaS is revolutionizing the modern office. In fact, the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2020, mobile workers will make up three-quarters of the American workforce.

Beyond just creating progressive change, technology solutions such as PaloAlto work towards preventing corporate security breaches across the world. Following 2018, a year which proved that “data is the new oil,” it is imperative that corporations recognize the importance of technology that ensures security.

Every business has a mission. Every office has a purpose. Every CEO has a vision. In this revolutionary age of technology, communication solutions have the power to strengthen a business’s influence and stature. The interconnectedness of technology, human intellect, and motivation towards development fosters an environment in which the best businesses can thrive. Essentially, the world is changing. If you want to win the race to the top, you have to change with it.

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