Case Study

National Women’s Healthcare Provider

Facilitated an Effective Work-At-Home Strategy During The Global Pandemic

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Client Profile:

  • Healthcare
  • 1,400 locations nationwide
  • Billion-dollar corporation
  • Headquarters in Boca Raton, FL
  • 10,000+ employees


  • Corporate employees needed to function properly through “work at home initiative” and were limited by:
  • Antiquated PBX phone system
  • Utilizing POTS lines (legacy)
  • Current collaboration/video conference tool was dated and overpriced
  • Technology not working effectively – New locations/employees, new provider required for service (not centralized/unified platform)
  • A legacy platform already in place was expensive


  • Crafted a financial assessment based on monthly and annual spend (TCO) of the current antiquated platform
  • Via a request for information, TMG assessed the top UC providers that best fit the needs of the company
    (REQUIREMENT: Specific need in a single sign-on platform and the UC provider needed to have an API integration into a cybersecurity sign-on service that was easy to use and provision)
  • Entered into a proof of concept to ensure what we were asking/that the requirements were being met
  • Awarded the winning bid to the UC provider

Results & Benefits:

  • Facilitated a work-at-home environment within 6 weeks of signing during the global pandemic for all corporate employees
  • The organization has one UC platform for all services needed to operate the entire corporation
  • Presented a financial impact of over 50% savings with the next-gen technology versus the legacy TDM PBX
  • Easy to use, scalable, now the customer can convert the office within a day

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