Case Study

National Sugar Manufacturer

Provided consultation and cost assessment to evaluate migration to next-generation voice and WAN architecture.

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Client Profile:

  • Sugar Cane Manufacturing Company
  • Headquarters in Florida


  • Needed to migrate applications to the cloud and wanted application prioritization
  • Voice platform was not uniform across the enterprise and lacked global capabilities (No uniformity with current phone system)
  • Legacy Voice and Data networks were a high cost
  • Multiple vendors, bills, and carriers delivering PSTN connectivity
  • Lacked an automated bill management
  • MPLS failover was active/passive
  • Limited visibility and control to network functionality to the application layer and no visibility to the end-user experience
  • Bandwidth constraints and network Flapping
  • PBX lacked features that could enhance the business
  • No call reporting analytics
  • Paying $1.8MM per year for services, not including PBX maintenance, lease, licensing, mobile, and international carrier costs.


  • Administered professional and competitive analysis of the current environment and identified possible areas for optimization in compliance with the client’s processes
  • Provide a full suite of templates, terms and conditions, and other standardized tools to ensure the client got the utmost benefits and negotiating leverage
  • Managed all aspects of the process from inception to award, to contract execution, through post-implementation and transition
  • Leveraged vast database of up-to-date rates and market intelligence by provider and region to ensure maximum savings and benefits to the client
  • Utilized industry expertise to help Client identify advanced and alternative solutions
  • Helped manage contract redlining process through to contract execution, providing the client with greater leverage and protection
  • Provided rate optimization and contract management for the individual as well as enterprise-wide services
  • Managed specific time-lines from inception to contract execution

Results & Benefits:

Consolidated all voice vendors and bills under a global UCaaS provider to include eFax, HD meetings, Skype for Business integration, SMS, phone, softphone, cell phone application for true unified dialing, unlimited domestic local and long-distance, etc.,

  • Current voice services expenditure of $90,314.00 per month for the legacy antiquated voice platform
  • Upgraded complete enterprise to a global UCaaS platform 3200 seats at $19 per seat for a cost of $60,800.00
  • Saved the company $29,514.00 per month: $1,062,504 over a 36 month term.

Based on migration to a cloud environment and design the most efficient path to your mission-critical applications.  In the process, we would look to re-negotiate with CenturyLink your current WAN/MPLS/DIA. 

  • Review desired speeds by location
  • Source the best alternate access providers in each geographic area
  • Provide a path to full  WAN migration

Current MPLS/DIA cost with CenturyLink $79,422.00 per month, renegotiate minimum 20%  reduction in monthly savings for an estimated total of  $15,884.00 per month and $492,416.00 over a 36-month term

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