Case Study

Global Fitness & Wellness Studio

Worked with the corporate IT executives to streamline the process of rolling out a CRM application to over 1,200 studios.

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Client Profile:

  • 1,225 locations in over 23 countries
  • Boutique fitness studio franchise
  • Headquarters in Boca Raton, FL
  • Over 7,000 employees


  • A large franchise, challenges with the current rollout of their Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Corporate had no visibility into franchise accounts with their current Unified Communications (UC) provider
  • Corporate had limited knowledge of the information of each franchisee account
  • It was difficult to resolve issues with the current UC provider and the systems they had in place
  • Major disconnect from a service perspective; corporate couldn’t help sort out some of the issues


  • Planned meetings with corporate IT department and executives
  • Developed a plan so we could facilitate the process to carry out a solution with each individual franchisee
  • Worked with corporate in a phased rollout for the CRM application and implemented the upgrade for 600 studios within one month
  • Set up a separate escalation procedure with current UC provider in order to deliver a better customer experience and quicker resolution timeframes

Results & Benefits:

  • Streamlined the process for all future studios so corporate has visibility and control over the data and information
  • Created a positive franchisee experience, allowing each franchisee to grow revenue
  • Created a dotted-line approach for corporate and each franchisee with the existing UC provider to provide ongoing support

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